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Feb. 15th, 2011

And now, something completely different. Here is my compilation of sites for selling prints and posters of your photos. I also include notes about each of these sites based on my own experience with them. This list is foremost intended for myself, but I still hope that you find it useful.
  • Imagekind. This site has its quirks, but it allows the seller and buyer to customize the print size, frame, matting, and so on for each print or poster. The seller can also select a default size/frame/matting for a photo. For each combination of features, this site will automatically update the calculated price, which is nice and convenient.
  • Cafe Press. This one is good if you want to sell shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, postcards, etc. However, if you want to sell more than one different item of the same type (for example, two different shirts), you have to upgrade to a Premium account. This is fine if you have a lot of different designs or photos to sell and will be able to make money to cover the costs of a paid account. Since I am interested in selling posters and prints primarily, and since I am only starting out, this doesn't work for me.
  • Zazzle. This is similar to Cafe Press, as their focus is on selling shirts, mugs, and the like. They have different limitations than Cafe Press on how many items you can sell with a free account. I've tried to create photo prints and posters to sell in my Zazzle store, however the site appears to allow only buyers to create posters and prints to buy. So far I have only been able to create everything else (shirts, mugs, etc) for sale. What's up with that??
  • Fotomoto. This is different from the previous sites in that it does not provide a shop for the seller on the site itself. Instead, a seller must have a site of their own, such as a blog. The seller pastes a small amount of JavaScript code onto each page of their store site, and Fotomoto inserts links to buy a print of each photo (you as the seller can enable or disable it for each image). For an example, check out my photo blog. I just started it so it's not at all complete, but it should give an idea of how Fotomoto works. Another nice feature of this site is the ability to sell downloads at various resolutions and with different license terms. Like the other sites in this list, you don't have to worry about taking orders, printing, or shipping.
I'll try to add more sites to this list as I try them out.


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